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We understand that job changes are difficult and that your career depends on making the right decisions.

That starts with working with the right Recruiter. One of the biggest problems we see in Recruiter/Applicant relationships comes when the recruiter doesn't have the candidates best interests at heart. Obviously our business is based upon placing you in a position, but we understand that your career comes first. We expect you to make decisions that are right for you and we want you to feel comfortable in the fact that we get that. Sometimes it may be difficult to decide on whether or not to accept an offer. We encourage you to be open about your concerns and in many cases we will suggest that the opportunity may not be right for you. We genuinely want you to feel good about accepting an offer and, at the same time, we want our clients to hire motivated applicants. We also understand that circumstances change or you may decide during the process that you are not ready for a job change. At TekLine we are here to support you and your unique circumstances in any way we can.