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Screening candidates rather than simply passing along a resume.

A resume is nothing more than a piece of paper. We realize a great resume is important but if the candidate’s attitude is not right or they are not truly motivated to make a job change then that's not a candidate. Our philosophy on recruiting is that 99% of our success has to do with which candidates we choose to work with.

It’s as much about screening out as screening in.

We only work with the applicants that we would be happy to hire and pay a fee for ourselves. That means personable, professional, outgoing, intelligent and with a positive attitude. After that their reasons for a job change must be well presented, reasonable and make sense. No job hoppers or “Better opportunity ($$)” applicants.


Selective screening.


Employers in this market place simply do not have time to waste with recruiters who send dozens of mediocre resumes, leaving it up to the employer to sort them out.  We will only send you our top one or possibly two candidates and only if they are a direct fit.


Job turn downs = wasted time = $$.


We don’t talk applicants into interviews or jobs. We look for motivated candidates first and then thoroughly qualify them on their interest in the openings we present. We avoid turn downs by re-qualifying applicant interest at every step of the interview process and stopping the process if it is clearly heading for a turn down. Our job is to provide motivated and serious candidates to our clients.